Arturai is a highly specialised MULTI-Cloud Security and Web Performance SOLUTION PROVIDER.

Partnering with Akamai since 2001, Arturai is a leading solution provider of multi-cloud security and web performance across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
Arturai supports some of the most well-known and leading companies in the world.

Our skills and deep knowledge have resulted in us winning several Akamai awards
2014 Global Innovative Award
2015 EMEA Partner of the Year
2018 Commitment to Service Excellence Award
Also, Arturai is certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which guarantees the quality, security and organisation of its structure.



Today’s connected users expect instant access to the web and their applications, regardless of device or location.

The Internet has become the main connection point for critical business applications and users won’t tolerate anything less than immediate access. But in a world of instant access, lack of security isn’t an option.

Users not only expect fast connections and constant availability of their favorite websites, but they also demand that their personal and business assets are safe.

Typical daily traffic monitored
25-35% of world web traffic

Global multi-cloud platform on the EDGE

Servers on the Edge

Networks of presence

Cities of presence

Countries of presence

Our job is to ensure that your company’s digital assets and websites are safe, optimised and responsive

Our global services are hosted on the world’s largest multi-cloud edge platform

Their knowledge of Akamai technology, their experience in each vertical (Retail, H&T, Public Sector, Media, Finance, etc), their attitude, and their awesome capacity of work is a guarantee for success.

Akamai Sales Manager - David Sánchez Rodríguez


We take care of everything
A simple DNS change will route your traffic through Akamai’s security and performance layer – making all your web applications Fast, Reliable, and Secure

Akamai is Internet ready
All internet protocols are supported. Akamai is agnostic to infrastructures, locations and technologies used on your web applications.

There's no need to change anything
Even if things are working fine, Arturai can still help you in implementing best practices and suggesting improvements, ensuring you’ll be using the latest and most advanced technologies available on the market.

Our work can improve your customer satisfaction
We simplify your life, allowing you to focus just on what’s important: Your Business. Leave the hardships of performance and web security to us.

Customer Assurance Programme
All Arturai’s customers have access to its Customer Assurance Programme (CAP). This programme provides a single point of contact for all support issues, with a designated specialist assigned to each client.

Highly specialised staff

From the sales to the technical team, our staff is highly trained and certified. We are proud to have staff with the highest possible certification from Akamai itself - the Advanced Elite Certification.

This allows us to be ahead of the curve at all times and guarantees the successful & seamless integration of our systems on every occasion.