Our products

Edge Redirector Cloudlet

Offloads high volumes of URL redirects to the Akamai Intelligent Platform™

Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet

Waiting room application to reduce abandonment and protect from site failure when your back-end application approaches overload

Forward Rewrite Cloudlet

Rewrite Clean or Semantic URLs at the Edge of the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM

API Prioritization Cloudlet

Prioritize visitor-traffic segments to your API-driven native mobile or single-page application

Request Control Cloudlet

Provide conditional visitor access to your application or content based on match rules including IP address, geographic location, query string, URL path, cookie, or request header associated with the visitor’s request.

Audience Segmentation Cloudlet

Easily define audiences and quickly split visitor traffic for A/B and multivariate testing while taking advantage of the web performance and security of your Akamai CDN.

Phased Release Cloudlet

Perform canary releases with built-in proactive failover to reduce risk during continuous software release activities

Input Validation Cloudlet

Strengthen your web forms against abuse or monopolization to protect your organization’s online inventory and resources from brute-force and behavioral attackers