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Media Services

Simplify the preparation of online media with integrated transcoding, digital rights management and content packaging


Globally distributed cloud-based storage to maximize delivery performance

Adaptive Media Delivery

High-quality streaming media delivery from Akamai’s globally distributed content delivery network (CDN)

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Adaptive Media Player

Simplify your media player deployment with a dedicated team of experts

Media Analytics

Comprehensive analytics to measure online video quality and audience behavior

Electronic Software Delivery

High performance delivery and tools to optimize download of file-based content

Download Delivery

Deliver software, games and large file-based digital media quickly to increase download completion rates

Predictive Content Delivery

Provide mobile customers with a video experience that exceeds their expectations in the form of a high quality, always available, video application with instant start-up and offline viewing capabilities.

Network Experience Analytics

A unique view of the actual mobile customer experience (CX), collected from billions of data points at the application level across thousands of web sites and hundreds of video services

Mobile Network Solutions

Optimize and monetize the mobile network.