Our products

Edge DNS

Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks

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Kona Site Defender

Multi-layered defense to protect websites against the increasing threat, sophistication and scale of attacks

Kona DDoS Defender

DDoS defense to protect websites against the increasing scale, frequency, and sophistication of attacks

Prolexic Routed

Fastest DDoS Mitigation of Terabit Scale Attacks

Site Shield

Origin defense by cloaking websites and web infrastructure

Kona Client Reputation

Stop malicious clients before they can attack, based on Akamai’s visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses

Site Failover

Keep your platform always available by serving a default page or redirect traffic to NetStorage or to a provided backup platform

Fast DNS

DNS resolution that is fast, reliable and secure

Bot Manager

Some bots play a legitimate role in an organization’s online business strategy. Others harm the business by reducing competitive advantage, getting between an organization and its customers, or committing fraud.

Cloud Networking Suite

Suite of network services designed to ensure end-to-end reliability and performance for Cloud and SaaS application while maintaining enterprise security and compliance in the branch

Enterprise Application Access

Application Access Redefined: Simple. Secure. Convenient.

Web Application Protector

Powerfully Simple Web Application Firewall & DDoS Protection.

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Enterprise Threat Protector

Targeted Threat Protection in the Cloud

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation that replaces the existing Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, as well as many local laws implementing the Directive. The GDPR harmonizes data privacy laws across Europe to protect all EU citizens’ data privacy rights.

Identity Cloud

Create seamless, personalized customer experiences without compromising security.

Page Integrity Manager

Strengthening web page integrity by detecting and mitigating script vulnerabilities